The Day I Ate a Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger…

…and it turned out to epic.

I don’t typically eat fast food.  And I definitely don’t typically eat a bacon cheeseburger if I’m getting fast food.  But today was just one of those days.

It started with forgetting to eat breakfast. Ugh. I hate that I have to admit that this happened.  When I hear other people say they forgot to eat, I feel the urge to make fun of them mercilessly.  After all, one can forget their keys or forget where you put your shoes. But forgetting to eat?? That takes a special kind of stupid.  Unfortunately, this morning, I was that special kind of stupid.

I was handing back exams in the 500-person economics lecture that I co-teach.  I was nervous about dealing with the students and their surprisingly low grades.  I was nervous about going through the exam, because I needed to make sure I knew all the answers perfectly.  And because of all this preparation, I didn’t remember that I hadn’t eaten until it was time to hurry to the classroom.

Fast forward about two hours.  I’ve handed the exams back.  I’ve had students in my office for an hour dealing with score disputes.  It’s 12:45pm.  I’m dying.  But I’ve agreed to meet Matt for lunch.  And at this point, I might as well wait.  So I wait an agonizing 15 minutes.  Then I consume my blueberry bagel all too quickly.

I don’t know what El Chico’s is, but this is how I felt.

Fast forward two more hours.  I’m out running errands, and the blueberry bagel is gone from my system.  I am starved.  I see a Wendy’s, and I think, “I’ve been meaning to try one of those pretzel bun sandwich things…”

Side note: I am obsessed with soft pretzel anything.  Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event with me knows that I spend the entire time searching for the concession stand with the soft pretzels and nacho cheese dipping sauce.  It is the sole reason I ever attend these events.

I debate for a few minutes whether I actually need to eat at Wendy’s.  Then I realize that I’ve got at least two more hours of errands, and if I want to get anything done, I need to just eat.  So I pull into the drive-thru line.  (And can I just say that I hate that the sign with the list of all the food is only visible when you actually reach the front of the line.  I spent the entire time wondering what kind of pretzel bun sandwich it was that I wanted. I never eat at Wendy’s.)

When I get to the speaker, I don’t want to be that person who spends forever perusing the menu and holding up the line.  So I see “Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger”, and even though I think, “I’m pretty sure that’s not what I want,” I quickly order one.  As I pull around the corner, I finally spot the sign for the “Pretzel Pub Chicken”, and I realize that’s what I actually wanted!! But it’s too late…

I reluctantly accept that I’ve ordered the wrong item.  I pay for it and place the bag in the passenger’s seat.  I pull up to the stop sign and wait for an opening so I can pull out.  The traffic is pretty thick, so I decide to take the opportunity to get out my cheeseburger.  I open the box, and my jaw drops.  Seriously.  This is the most beautiful cheeseburger I’ve ever seen.  The bacon is perfectly curled on the edges.  The lettuce looks super crisp.  The bun is perfect round and not at all smashed.


The burger is so perfect that I immediately put the car in reverse, back up, and find a parking space.  I’ve decided that eating this burger deserves my full attention.  I carefully choose my first bite, and OH MY GOD. I can’t even think.  God clearly hid that “Pretzel Pub Chicken” sign so that I would be forced to order the pretzel bacon cheeseburger so that I could have this moment.  It’s that good.  Seriously.  I moan loudly, then remember I’m in public.  Then I do it again anyway.  It’s sooooo good.  The bacon.  The cheese.  And… this mysterious magical sauce that I didn’t even know was going to be a part of the adventure.  Why do I not eat fast food again??

When I sadly finish my magical burger, I resume my task of running errands, obnoxiously full.  I feel disgusting, and I almost pass out on my way to Kohl’s.  But it was worth it.  So worth it.


Puppies that I Want in My Life

Some women have baby fever.  Not me.  I have puppy fever. (Also, kitty fever.)  Matt and I live in a tiny apartment. (Okay, actually we live in a reasonably sized apartment, but we have way too much stuff.  Which is sort of like having a tiny apartment…)  The bottom line is that we don’t have room for a pet.  Also, we’re I’m not responsible enough to take care of a pet.  But believe you me, I have big plans for what’s going to happen when we have a house (and more importantly, a doggie door).  At the top of the list…

Aaaaaaaahh!! Is it not the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen??  Would she look like this as a youngster?

I could maybe settle for a different fluffy dog if she would let me put socks on her, like this precious ball of fluff.

I’ve also consider a dog who will howl with me.  I have these fantasies where the dog and I throw our heads back and howl adorably. (I tell myself that my dog will only howl during these moments and not while I’m trying to sleep in on the weekend.)  My puppy would be just as cute as this next puppy.  (The moment of highest cuteness comes right about 0:32.)

Matt loves pugs, and while I’m not totally sold, I am swayed slightly when I see photos like this.

On my bucket list is to one day hold a tiny weenie dog puppy.  (I can just picture its tiny little legs barely touching the floor!)  She would certainly be held in a bun at least once.

Can you tell I have an obsession with tiny puppies?  I just can’t resist them.  I almost had a heart attack when I saw this fabulous little dude.

!!! Can’t you just picture holding it in your hand?!?! Pure joy.

Of course, I know that puppies do eventually grow up.  But I want a doggie that doesn’t grow out of it’s super cuteness.

Maybe I could have a dog like Boo.

I think I’d also like a dog with a sense of humor.

(This poor dog doesn’t enjoy his costume…)

Only time will tell what we end up with.  My fingers are crossed that it’s that first white doggie.

30 before 30

My 28th birthday is rapidly approaching rapidly fading from my memory.  (I started this post a while ago, and since then I actually turned 28.)  Of course that means that 30 is coming up pretty soon.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, but I don’t have much time left.  I need to make a 30 before 30 list!

So what is it that I want to do?

  1. Make a 30 before 30 list. (It took me months to get this far.)
  2. Arrange a “popular” song for a choir.
  3. Hug a giant redwood tree in California.
  4. Go hiking in Maryland.
  5. Make five new friends.
  6. Complete a 365 photo-a-day project.
  7. Learn to play Debussy’s Arabesque No.1
  8. Visit my brother in Rhode Island.
  9. Take a vacation with my best friend.
  10. Learn to play guitar.
  11. Host a themed party.
  12. Make a semi-gourmet meal.
  13. Make a photo collage wall.
  14. Visit Asia.
  15. Swim with manatees.
  16. Paint a painting.
  17. Decorate a cake.
  18. Cook a steak.
  19. Do one pull-up.
  20. Successfully use a sewing machine.
  21. Hike Old Rag.
  22. Grow a plant from seed.
  23. Find my signature mixed drink.
  24. Learn ten new karaoke songs.
  25. Watch a meteor shower.
  26. Stop picking at my cuticles.
  27. Mail a card to someone every month.
  28. Visit Harry Potter World.
  29. Donate blood again.
  30. Throw an awesome thirtieth birthday party!!

That Post I’ve Been Meaning to Write for Weeks

So… I’ve got this blog now. I don’t really know how to start.  Let’s just pretend that I’ve been blogging here for a long time.

Here’s what I hope to explore in this blog:

Awesome Food – Under no circumstances would I even claim to be some kind of fabulous cook.  But I am a fabulous eater.  So maybe I’ll post about food.

Peanut Butter "Cheese" Ball. omg.

This is my signature dish. Yes, it’s a peanut butter faux cheese ball. And it’s the most delicious thing you’ll ever put in your mouth. (from The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Crafty Stuff – I like crafts.  Maybe I’ll post a few projects.

I Whale Always Love You: Bridesmaids in the Spotlight :  wedding bridesmaid dress college park pictures pro pics recap F5b2126316b4c14a9464872afb41ea79

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make these flowers for about a year now. Maybe I’ll finally make it happen!

Silly Life Events – I love life’s silliness.  I suspect that will make up the meat of the content 🙂  Enjoy!!